Repairs You Must Make In November In Your Home

The month of November can be the perfect opportunity to improve our housing and make it ready for Christmas. The 38% of people polled by our team, believe that November is the right to carry out reforms, because they think it is the right time to invest money, 18% believe it is time to plan your home for the holidays of Christmas, 12% prefer now because of the low demand for professionals. But what does the public make the repairs in November?


Although at first, we think that painting is a proper work of spring or summer, the reality is very different. The pictures have evolved and improved their properties drying much faster, also reducing the acids and harmful elements that forced us to leave the house for a few days. It is already possible to paint a room and go to sleep without any problem since Although the smell of paint is still noticeable, it is not as strong as before or represents any possibility of intoxication. ” Therefore, if you want to paint the interior of the house, you do not have to wait for spring. It can be done during the winter and get a result as good as during the summer “say from our platform.

Also, another point in favor of painting the house in November is that in summer the demand for painters increases, and it is more complicated to choose dates to paint. If you decide to paint in autumn or winter, the availability is much higher, and it is easier to adjust to the schedule that suits you. You have to bear in mind that the average price of painting a house of 90m2 is 621 euros, according to the budgets registered

Isolate the house

It must be borne in mind that the amount of heat necessary to maintain a healthy home at the comfort temperature depends, to a large extent, on the level of thermal insulation available in the home. ” A badly insulated house thermally needs more energy, since in winter it cools down quickly and can have condensations in the interior and summer it will heat more and in less time,” they say from our team. Having a poorly insulated house will not only affect comfort but also in the household economy, reaching almost 30% of the energy we produce inside the home.

Therefore, it is necessary to have good insulation. If the house does not yet have it, in November, it is time to carry out the works required to spend a warm winter at home. If the windows do not close properly and the air is poured into the house, they must be replaced by PVC with double glass with the air chamber.

Another repair that we must do is isolate the walls and ceilings. To insulate the wall, it is advisable to install a double wall, for this a layer of the wall of some light material is mounted on the rear wall, placing an insulating material in the middle. It involves building two brick walls and sandwiching an insulating material. On the other hand, we can install a false ceiling, which dampens the noises of the neighbors that are on us. Above this false ceiling, several insulating layers are placed.

Reform the bathroom and the kitchen

The bathroom and the kitchen are two rooms that wear out a lot because of the use we give them. Therefore, before the Christmas parties and their multiple meals arrive at our home, we must prepare the kitchen and bathrooms for our guests.

In the bathroom, we can modernize the toilet to give a greater sense of lightness to your bathroom, opt for showers with hidden storage. In this option, however, you should always anticipate the space within the partition to locate it.

To modernize your kitchen, you can choose to change the countertop, a quick and simple change that can change the look of our home completely. If instead, we want to give a radical shift in the kitchen it is best to opt for replacing the cabinets. You can choose between wood (adds warmth and the offer of models is enormous), laminated (the passage of time does not pass bill to the color), PVC (water does not affect them, so they are easy to clean) or lacquered (has less resistance to shock but its finishes and aesthetics are unparalleled).


Christmas is approaching, and as we know, they are very homely dates to be with family and friends. One of the tasks to be done is: cleaning the house, especially if this year we are the hosts. Therefore, general cleaning of the house should be carried out focusing on cleaning doors, ordering closets and clearing areas, bathrooms. Disinfects accessories — Decalcifies faucets and screen and dining room … to have the house ready for the holidays.